5.2 Earthquake my Culo!

Bloged in News Calientito by Cabronson Friday November 18, 2005

The USGS says that the earthquake that shoke us last night was 5.2 – HUEVOS!
I’ve been in several earthquakes and that was more than 5.2, actually our Geology Institute says it was Magnitude 6, that’s more like it.
Anyways, casi me Cago when it started, but thank God nothing terrible happened.

Here is the Info from the USGS and SNET
2005 November 17 21:15

2005 November 18 03:15:47 UTC

Thanks Radio GoDaddy!

Bloged in News Calientito by Cabronson Wednesday November 16, 2005

We wanted to thank Radio GoDaddy “un gran vergo” (a lot) for featuring our site on their Strange Domains Section.

A special thanks to Nima who I think is in charge of selecting the actual domains, and who does a great job during the show with Bob and in the chat room. Gracias Nima!

Godaddy Strange Domains

Gracias Google

Bloged in News Calientito by Cabronson Wednesday November 16, 2005

We are very pleased to have found that Google is ranking our site #1 for “Spanish Slang Sayings”
A a Mexican would say “Somos bien chingones” because we got the listing in a little over 2 weeks, and our Webmaster had told us that it was usually very difficult to show up in Goolge, so Gracias”

You can see our placement here:
Google: Spanish Slang Sayings

Racism to Latinos

Bloged in Funny Links,News Calientito by Cabronson Friday November 11, 2005

What’s up my dear Cipotes and Cipotas?
Did you get to see the video of Joseph Mancia? The link is in the previous post.

While looking for that video I found this other one, where you need Subtittles to understand us Latinos speaking English. Imagine us speaking Spanish… you wouldn’t understand a pedazo de mierda. That’s what motivated me to create WetbackSpanish4Gringos or “Latino Slang for Americans” if you want to be politically correct.

Anyways, click here to view the other video, it’s very good.

Que la pasen Bien


We have to change our domain name?

Bloged in News Calientito by Cabronson Thursday November 3, 2005

After doing all the research, traveling, interviewing locals, translating all the information, creating the website, graphics and audios we found out that our domain name is racist and offensive!

QUE COGIDA! I was freaked out.

The company that is procesing our orders is Great, but they do have their rules and regulations which can’t be bent, so we will have to change the name of our product and domain from WetbackSpanish4Gringos.com to LatinoSpanish4Gringos.com

Thank God the process of geting a domain at Godaddy is a Snap and our desired domain was available. Now I have to figure out a way use this to my advantage.
If you have any ideas, let me know

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