We have to change our domain name?

Bloged in News Calientito by Cabronson Thursday November 3, 2005

After doing all the research, traveling, interviewing locals, translating all the information, creating the website, graphics and audios we found out that our domain name is racist and offensive!

QUE COGIDA! I was freaked out.

The company that is procesing our orders is Great, but they do have their rules and regulations which can’t be bent, so we will have to change the name of our product and domain from WetbackSpanish4Gringos.com to LatinoSpanish4Gringos.com

Thank God the process of geting a domain at Godaddy is a Snap and our desired domain was available. Now I have to figure out a way use this to my advantage.
If you have any ideas, let me know

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