Hola my dear Cabrones and Cabroncitas!

Bloged in General Slang,News Calientito by Cabronson Friday October 28, 2005

I am happy you stopped to take una wachada to “El Blogo”.

I hope you think it is “de poca Madre” and I will try to let you in on my Latino Life Style.

If you are Latino, please don’t be offended, be realistic and use your sense of humor. Millions of our people live in the USA and many of them or their ancesters were once wetbacks.
They speak like we do in our countries, for us it is natural and sometimes funny.
I just want to share the fun with all the Gringos out there, so dont get mad, just have a laugh!

If you like what you see, tell some hijueputon friend of yours so he or she can have a laugh too.

If you don’t like what you see, well… leave a comment or… Te me puedes ir mucho a la mierda!

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